Monday, 28 September 2009

2 Black 2 Terror

Bill Richmond, decent chap, quality boxer and BLACK TERROR retired from the ring and decided to put his former skills to use by starting a prize fighting academy. A sort of novel idea at the time, Bill taught aspiring prizefighters and ordinary chaps alike the skills of the ring. How the bash peoples skulls in and you know, not get yours bashed in, I guess.

One famous student was Lord Byron, general madman and also noted poet. He even put a few lines about old Bill into one of his poems.

Now, another American black guy came to Bill, recently arrived in England and wanting to BASH SOME SKULLS. His name was Tom Molineaux.

Now, Tom was another born slave from the states. He was taught to box by his father and fought other slaves for the entertainment of plantation owners (they did not have tv back then.) He was so good and won his owner so many bets he was granted his freedom and he decided to go to the land of the free (Britain) to ply his trade as a boxer.

In England he had a few fights and brutal victories and caught the eye of Richmond, who decided to teach him. Tom wasnt the elegant skilled boxer of Richmonds type, he was more along Cribb's style (remember him? The tree destroyer) just so big and strong he won out. With Richmonds master class he became the most feared Boxer in local circles and a rightful successor to the Black Terror's reign.

Now Richmond saw the oppurtunity to change the result of his last grudge match, and with Tom keen to prove himself the "best" they sought out Cribb. Cribb was an aspiring trainer himself by this time, but still fought and was considered still the Ivan Drago of Britain. Just unbeatable. A fight was arranged and a massive buzz was caused.

Now, the smart money was on Cribb, he was bigger and stronger and treeraperier than Molineux, it wasnt thought to last more than ten rounds. But it did, Mols went toe to toe with Cribb and looked to have the edge, he couldnt match him in brutality but he had the intelligent style taught to him by Richmond along with his own brute force. 15 thousand people were in attendance and the crowd was in a rage, in the 19th round with the commentators of the time thinking Molly was about to lower the boom and end it there was a mini riot. The crowd stormed the ring, in the chaos Molineux's hand was broken or damaged by the crowd and it wasnt clear if Cribb had made it "back to the line" in 30 seconds, so the fight carried on when the crowd was dispersed.

So, the fight went on. With a broken hand the tide soon turned and Molineux couldnt close down Cribb, in the 34th round Moli knew he was beat and wanted to quit, but his second convinced him to get back in the ring and in the 35th he was bested. The great black hope was extinguished.

Richmond, not one to wallow in misery, arranged a rematch and this time, barring another crowd hand breaker, was convinced they would win.

However, Molineux was now a massive celebrity in London. Not used to such respect and new found fame he took to drink and women and so forth, lapsed on his training and lived up the good times. Come the rematch he was half the fighter he was (and a whole stone lighter), Cribb walked all over him. Without any help from the crowd the fight was over in the 11th round and Cribb broke the dudes jaw. Cribb had took this fight much more seriously and "had been in a strict training programme, which consisted of no sex, no alcohol, punching tree bark and soaking his fists in vinegar." The conker fist approach part is pretty funny.

Richmond was furious, squarely blaming Molineux for ruining their chances and dissolved his friendship and patronage of Tom. Tom, not being equipped with much life skills, fell into alcoholism and sadly died in debtors prison (they didnt just used to send you threatening letters for that, back then.) Just 4 years after the big rematch.

Richmond is one cold mofo.