Friday, 6 June 2008

Future of Lost

Like everyone else who watches Lost, I like to postulate on the various endings the show might have to explain the countless mysteries they have going. When I am not writing my fanfiction about Sawyer and Freckles getting married, or Jack growing his "beard of despair" back and using it to fight crime.

Heres a few of my theories mixed in with collected theories I have heard from friends or around the internet of how the final scene will pan out...

1 - Locke and Jack stand around a sinking island, "whats happening?" says Jack, stroking his magnificent beard. "Havent you worked it out?" Locke replies "The Island is going home... to the stars" it turns out the island isnt SINKING but actually GOING INTO SPACE because it is a SPACESHIP. "What now?" Says Jack, looking magnificent wearing his beard. "Now we go with it" Locke replies "we are going HOME".

They were both aliens all along.

They all laugh.


2 - "So the island was alive... it gained sentience and tried to interact with us... through Jacob, who is the islands SOUL?" said Jack. "Yes" said Locke.

"It is also an Alien".

They all laugh.


3 - "So" says Jack in a bearded manner "it was all aliens?"

"It sure was" says Sawyer, "and me and freckles are getting married"

"I see, can I be the best man?" says Jack.

"you ALREADY ARE" says Sawyer. They all laugh.

Jack looks into the camera, like the thought of a world with crime in it is one he cant stand.


4 - "So the four toed statue was built by aliens?" said Sayid.

"It sure was" said Locke. "Aliens who made the island magical, or so it would seem, to us mortals"

"Ah" said Sayid. "By Allahs beard, that explains everything"

They all laugh.


5 "So we died in the crash" said Jin.

"Surely that makes sense, this isnt really an island at all... its purgatory, the others were merely a higher force... guiding the saved onwards, but we comprehended them incorrectly as we werent yet ready to embrace the truth of our surroundings, we created the monsters and the mystery of the island... as a way to hide us from the truth. When people in our group died, they really were moving on, on to heaven. That explains everything, even the return home and how it felt 'wrong' to us, it was a creation our souls knew to be wrong now... we could never return, to a world that is gone. We didnt need to wait to be rescued. We had to rescue ourselves."

"Exactly, Jin" said the mysterious stranger stepping out of the shadows.

"Are you.... ?" she stammers.

"Yes, i am Lord Fanto, the alien who runs purgatory"

They all laugh.

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