Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Agincourt Addendum

15th century carol about the battle. Back when folk music was cool and not just for beardos and middle aged virgins.

Deo gratias Anglia redde pro victoria!

Owre Kynge went forth to Normandy
With grace and myght of chyvalry
Ther God for hym wrought mervelusly;
Wherefore Englonde may call and cry

Deo gratias:
Deo gratias Anglia redde pro victoria.

He sette sege, forsothe to say,
To Harflu towne with ryal aray;
That toune he wan and made afray
That Fraunce shal rewe tyl domesday.


Then went hym forth, owre king comely,
In Agincourt feld he faught manly;
Throw grace of God most marvelsuly,
He had both feld and victory.


Ther lordys, erles and barone
Were slayne and taken and that full soon,
Ans summe were broght into Lundone
With joye and blisse and gret renone.


Almighty God he keep owre kynge,
His peple, and alle his well-wyllynge,
And give them grace wythoute endyng;
Then may we call and savely syng:

Final Chorus

Im pretty sure you sing it to the tune of "Mighty Mouse".


The Silly Addiction said...

Seriously, dude, run your post through a fucking spellcheck next time.

MikeJ said...

I'm pretty sure I'll have this played at my wedding.

Mr. Gale said...

Man, it took me like 2 minutes to get that spell check joke, i even was about to google taskbar search addendum to get the definition/spelling option before it occured to me.

I must be getting weak in the ways of wit.

Sordid said...

I sing it to the tune of "Please accept us in the rank of losers".

But it's because I'm blinded by tears at the moment. Tears of a tiny nation's humiliation.

Mr. Gale said...

Poor swede. You want a hedgehog to cheer you up? I will get you a hedgehog.

No one can be sad with a hedgehog.